place-based media network

reaching M18+

Engage with male audiences directly

Exclusive barbershop advertising across hundreds of venues in the USA and Canada, offering an opportunity to hyper-target the audience with custom messaging.


High Dwell Time

1+ hours per visit means a high dwell time no other media can deliver, with no ad blocking.

Quality Engagement

Brand safe environments to engage consumers where they are relaxed and receptive.


The amount men spent in a single year to look 'effortless'.

3.8 Weeks

Men visit barbershops every 3.8 weeks on average.

Media Placements

Case Study

Kraken rum wanted to build awareness among male consumers, drive immediate trial and path to purchase. The synergy between barbershops, the product, and the consumers was a no-brainer and the Rouge Men’s network became the obvious choice.


Kraken rum


Large format murals for impact were combined with samplings of the rum via brand ambassadors and signage displays in selected barbershops


Over 5000 beverage samples were distributed and 1M+ impressions were delivered.