The only solution

in premium advertising to

legal age audiences

Compliance without compromising on impact

Solutions that have proven effective in bringing a sales lift and increasing brand awareness along with market share, while remaining entirely compliant with applicable laws, combined with in-house expertise on the regulatory landscape. In this cluttered landscape, take control of your product messaging and stand out from the crowd.


Monthly impressions to social and culturally savvy consumers.


Of Canada’s top nightlife venues. High traffic hubs with a unique lifestyle connection.

Premium Placements

In prominent areas of venues where consumers spend 2+ hours of quality time.


Legal age audiences guaranteed.

Media Placements

Who can advertise?

The Rouge Legal Audience Branding Solutions network is specially created and curated to allow regulated categories of brands to advertise in a completely legal manner. Because while your consumers need an ID to enter our venues, your brand sure doesn’t!


Gain brand awareness, brand differentiation and market-share in the current competitive landscape.

Vaping and Tobacco

Exposure is more important than ever to improve perception and maintain recall.


No better placement for your alcohol brand than a nightlife venue, with an already existing and unique lifestyle connection.