The Power of

Digital Out-of-Home:

Safety and Emergency

The Power of Digital Out-of-Home: Safety and Emergency

admin March 13, 2020

In the wake of international concerns surrounding CoVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, connecting with people quickly is becoming more and more critical.

Everyone from international health organizations and colleges, to government agencies and small businesses, are trying to reach the public with updated, accurate information.  Connecting with communities urgently for important messaging – updated safety protocols, changes in healthcare – is an opportunity for digital out-of-home. 

A Tool for Safety

In the event of an emergency, a digital signage network is a very effective tool to deliver critical information and necessary directions without delay. 

Digital out of home cannot be skipped or blocked, and there is no “opt out” option.  And it’s 100% addressable.  It can be utilized by healthcare professionals, agencies, and institutions to inform people without propelling false or alarmist messaging.

Just imagine the real-time possibilities of hyper-local content during the CoVID-19 outbreak:

  • – Preventative tips from government health organizations
  • – Updates on transit changes or street closures on a local level
  • – Updates on travel restrictions on a federal level
  • – Real-time stock and market ticker tracking
  • – Information on finding local testing centers
  • – Answers for FAQ
  • – Contact information for local hospitals and urgent cares

Because we understand the importance of digital out-of-home in informing communities, we are providing our platform for network wide PSAs provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

At the end of the day, if coronavirus teaches us anything it’s to wash your hands, and that digital out of home is a sure bet to reach the masses.

If you wish to share your CoVID-19 public safety or health message on our network, please contact We are happy to provide our screens as a means for up-to-date announcements.